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Answering Tough Questions: Outside The Church There Is No Salvation

A few months ago at a Family Sacrament Retreat parents discussed the hardest things about being Catholic. We weren't able to answer all the questions that came in. So, we have decided to discuss them in a series here on the blog! You have additional answers to the prompt: "The hardest part about being Catholic is..." leave it in the comments and we will add it to a future post!

The hardest part about being Catholic is "Outside the Church there is no salvation."

Let me try to answer this with an analogy that makes so much sense to me, having been raised a Protestant and converting to Catholicism in my thirties.

Imagine a big healthy tree. It's full of life and vibrant. Someone takes a cutting from that tree and plants it somewhere else. It survives and after a struggle it bears leaves and fruit.

Now the only reason there is life in the cutting is because there is life in the original tree.

So it is with the grace for salvation. Any grace we receive "outside" the Church is only because Holy Mother Church provides grace to the world. If any of us are saved it because of the channel of grace that is the original tree.


Interested in hearing about how I became Catholic? Listen to the story here:

Daja Gombojav is the mother of nine, Catholic Convert, and Parish Catechetical Leader at Corpus Christi Parish. She is devoted to St. Therese of the Child Jesus and Our Lady of Guadalupe. She also drinks too much coffee and listens to a lot of old-timey Gospel music.

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