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Going to Adoration with Kids!

Maybe you've never been to Adoration but have been thinking about trying it. Maybe you are an regular visitor to the Adoration Chapels. Maybe you go alone and are deep in contemplation. Maybe you go with your family and have a lovely family time!

What is Adoration?

Adoration is a time when Jesus, truly present in the tiny host (the Eucharist) is exposed in a monstrance. When we go to Adoration we are literally in the presence of Jesus Himself! And so what does one do in the presence of Jesus? Adore Him!

One thing everyone should keep in mind is that there is no one right way to go to Adoration. The important thing is simply to BE IN HIS PRESENCE!

What Do I Do In Adoration?

When you come into Adoration, bless yourself with Holy Water and then kneel before Jesus. If through the course of your time adoring your knees get tired, it is fine to sit.

Use this time to pray, read your Bible, journal, or simply be silent in front of Jesus. He will work on your heart even if you don't say anything! He is that powerful!

Tips for Kids

1. Bring things for them to hold, touch, or fidget with. Such as Rosaries, Holy Cards, saint peg dolls, a comfort item (such as their blanket or favorite stuffed animal).

2. For children that are readers, bring their Bible or other prayer book. Adoration is a good time to read the Gospels or work on memorizing prayers or the 10 Commandments.

3. Bring a journal or sketch book. Some people like to write in Adoration. Some prompts like writing a letter to Jesus, listing prayers or concerns, or making a gratitude list can really be helpful as we learn to meditate. A blank sheet of paper is great for drawing. You could also give your child a prompt like drawing the day's Gospel or sketching out what they think heaven would look like.

How Long Do We Stay?

Unlike going to Mass, where there is a distinct dismissal, how long you stay in Adoration is completely up to you and Jesus! If you are alone or with older children, you may want to stay for an hour. If you have younger children who aren't used to it yet, maybe 10 minutes is long enough. You can gauge this according to what works for your family. Just know this, that every moment spent in Adoration is precious. And Jesus longs for you to stop by and pay a visit. Even if it is short.

Opportunities for Adoration In Our Parish

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel located at 101 Silver Street in Waterville is open daily from 7AM to 6PM Daily.

Friday mornings at 7AM, St. John has Adoration with Benediction until 8AM Mass. Confessions also available at that time.

Wednesdays during Lent (except March 11) there is a Lenten Holy Hour with prayer, chant, Adoration, and Confession at St. John from 6:30 to 7:30.

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